Formed in 2016, Righteous Love Quest is on a mission to fill the world with high-energy groove. Hailing from beautiful Roanoke, VA, RLQ blends its sound into whatever they play. Their influences range from Stevie Wonder to Ariana Grande.


Elizabeth Russell

Elizabeth was born to sing. Her parents confirm it's been happening since day one. Described as a mix between Fergie and Jesus, Elizabeth's voice has captured the attention of everyone who hears it. She's happiest on stage or backpacking through the mountains.

Matt Janas

Guitarist, vocalist and band gearhead, Matt's skills are unrivaled when shredding a solo or plugging in a cable is involved. Matt's influence include guitar greats like Stevie Ray Vaughn and Niles Rodgers. When not playing music, Matt enjoys soccer and electronics.

Aaron Doherty

Saxophonist and keyboard wizard Aaron the icing on the proverbial RLQ cake. His passion for music and creative energy are unrivaled. When not playing with RLQ, Aaron enjoys going to concerts and playing with his dog Blue.

Mike Hill

Bassist and lyricist Mike Hill loves a groove. He takes his influences from bassists such as Victor Wooten,  Marcus Miller and Flea. Mike loves high energy concerts and is never afraid to jump around on stage.

Fun Fact: Mike was the drummer when RLQ was founded!

Matt Mayotte

The newest member of RLQ, Matt has a great appreciation for a drum sound that complements the music rhythmically and allows it room to breathe and develop. Raised in Connecticut with years of formal snare training, Matt takes his influences from drummers like Larry Mullen Jr. and Paul Cormier.

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